Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cold and snowy.

It was a snowy day yesterday, apparently. I woke up to huge fat flakes falling from the sky in that dizzying whirl that can hypnotize you if you stare at it for too long. It didn't last for too long, and it didn't stick, because it was gone by about 2pm, but it was pretty while it lasted.

We're coming up on the rainy season around here, apparently, with forecasts stating that it should be raining all week long. I actually rather like the overcast days with random sun breaks.

As Dragon said, it's a good thing we hit the Uwajimaya market downtown on Saturday. Oh, I was in absolute HEAVEN!! I've been yearning for Japanese culture since I've been back stateside these 11 or 12 years now, and I believe I've found everything I could possibly want at U market. It's definitely somewhere I'm going to be taking my parents when they come to visit:)

I'm still working on the orange scarf that never ends. I suppose it might go faster if I actually put in long stretches of time crocheting it. I really should get it finished before, say, spring, so I have a chance to wear it. *laughs* I think right now, it's approaching the length I want, I'm just noodling with various ideas of how to edge the thing. I think I might do just a simple picot edge because it just seems to cry out for something easy.

I received two WONDERFUL skeins from my yarn pimptress this past week. I am utterly enamored with these two yarns. They both satisfy my "dark yarn" sweet tooth while being utterly soft and fabulous. I don't know what to do with them yet, but I do want it to be something I can wear regularly because I really adore the colors! Here...let me show you:

On Cat's Paws (Merino/Bamboo)
Coldsteel (BFL)
I adore both of these yarns. SO pretty. So addictive. And I am totally on the hunt for something fantastic to turn them into!

In cooking news, I made a fantastic White Cheese Chicken Lasagna on Friday night. The only change I can think of making would be to season the chicken a bit more and add a tiny smidge more spinach, but overall, it was quite tasty.

Other than that, I've been busy busy with work. I'm thinking of dropping back down to one company as opposed to the two I'm working now. I feel like I'm burning the candle at both ends, but due to some financial obligations, I won't be ditching the first job until the middle of April, most likely. I'm anxious to get there and who knows? I might be able to manage it earlier rather than later.

Also, the months of June, July, and August apparently are going to be quite full for us! In June, we've been invited to join a bunch of coworkers in Las Vegas. Considering everyone in my family has been without me, this will be my first excursion and I'm quite excited! My mom will apparently be joining us there, as will my good friend Dawn from Alabama. It's about time I get to meet her!!

In July, my folks, my grandmother, and my aunt/uncle are apparently coming to visit for a week. It's shaping up to be quite a large group. Hopefully, I'll be able to come up with plenty of things to keep everyone occupied! Dragon might have to work a few of the days but that's saves him from having to deal with my relatives;)

And then in August, Dawn and Jeff might be coming to spend some time here! *bounces about* We're thinking of going to Hempfest because Dragon and I missed out last year, so it'll be 1000xs more fun with them along;)

So that's it, for updates right now. If I think of anything else, you'll be the first (or...second) to know;) And now? Some updated pics of our furbabies:
Kratos sits pretty for the camera.

Blade, showing off his pretty face.

Mumbles, interested in "other" things.

About as close to a group shot as I'm going to get. Kratos is the only one missing (and yes, the area is a disaster, but it's cleaner now!)

Shadow decided that one day this past week was "take your kitty to work day" and proceeded to firmy entrench himself in Dragon's work satchel.

Could you really resist this face? This face is the only reason he's still with us and not out in the snow. LOL!

That's all for now!


Monday, March 2, 2009

Flexitarianism? Whaa?

I received two of the books I'd ordered today. One, which relates to the crafty part of this blog:
I've been enamored with Amigurumi for a while now, but I tend to err on the side of creepy-cute rather than just cute;) So when I saw this book (and I recognized the author from her Needle Noodles site) I had to pick it up and see what it was all about.

Omg. Seriously some of the most adorable little ami-dolls I think I've ever laid eyes upon. Very worth it, they make faboo gifts and I think I'm going to sit down in the next week or so and make one of each from the book!

When you've finally decided to quit smoking, you need something, anything to do with your hands. At least in the meantime, right? Quick stats:

1 day, 8 hours, 27 minutes and 48 seconds smoke free.
27 cigarettes not smoked.

Since I'm on a health kick lately too, I snagged this book:
Because, let's face it. Here we are in the Pacific Northwest. We can get fresh fish, but more importantly, some AMAZING veggies and fruits for dirt cheap. Yes, money has been tight, but with the introduction of this new job, there's no excuse anymore. It's time to get serious about our health (Dragon will have to get used to it) and this is a good plan that suits us both. See, I'm a carnivore by nature, Dragon - even more so. I love veggies, but I cannot exist on veggies alone. I know that if I'm going to go in a more....vegan trend with my eating there has to be some way to still incorporate the occasional meat product (I adore fish/chicken, where Dragon is a pork/beef kinda guy).

No guilt. Just healthier eating!

Of course, I'm sure all of this stems from the Doctor's appointment I have tomorrow. Finally, I should get some answers about what's going on with me and get started on being human again.

In the meantime, I will keep you all updated...have no fear! I think I'm going to plunge into this book and start absorbing as much of it as I can so I can circumvent any complaints Dragon might have;)