Thursday, February 12, 2009


I'm curious, because I have a little problem. Well, 4 of them actually, but one of them is more problematic than the others.

Kratos doesn't understand why yarn =/= kitty toy!

Kratos has a thing for my yarn. More of an obsessive streak, really, when I think about it. He will go to great lengths to get his paws on anything I'm working on and I'm running out of ideas for ways to deter/stop him from having that opportunity. Yes, this cat will UNZIP a bag to get to the yarn. I don't know how he does it, but he does. Probably some little known kitty osmosis technique.

I need something that will keep him away from my work. I'm tired of having to reconnect severed yarn (and worrying about the damned cat because he's ingested some of it) to continue my projects.

Does anyone have any suggestions? What do you use to store your works in progress? Am I the only one with kitties who don't understand that this yarn is not for play?


Andrea said...

This is one of the HUGE reasons why I don't own a cat. :P

Maybe keep a spray bottle and shoot him in the face when you catch him with, or trying to get to, yarn? Are there maybe essential oils that will ward of kitties? I'm not sure.

Andrea said...

Oh I don't know if you're on the knitting lj comm but look what someone just posted there about how to keep cats off their yarn!