Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A little bit of sunshine to an otherwise dreary afternoon.

It's raining right now. The day started out chilly and bright, but I do believe this is the "afternoon showers" that the weatherman warned us about last night. No matter. They're supposed to be gone by later this evening and it isn't supposed to rain again until Thanksgiving.

I've paused in my knitting because I don't have enough hands to knit AND read at the same time. I'm currently devouring Sex with the Queen by Eleanor Herman. I read her previous book about the infidelity of Kings (I believe it was titled Sex and the King) and loved the way she tells all about these affairs, both good and bad, the consequences of them and just generally portrays the monarchs of the last 900 years or so in mostly-true light. It's fascinating reading. Honestly:)

In other news, we've finalized our Thanksgiving menu. We're going to have cornish hens, in place of the traditional turkey. There will be stuffing, squash casserole, baked beans (that's all Dragon's right there), chedder and bacon mashed potatoes, and I will ATTEMPT to make creamed spinach. My dad is being a rotten man, withholding his recipe;) No matter. I will triumph. It can't be that hard, right?

I'm also making (by Dragon's request) a pumpkin pie cheesecake. He's already been warned that he will be the one eating the majority (as usually happens around here with my baking) and he's pleased as punch about the prospect.

Once I'm done with this book, I'll resume knitting. BUT!! I do have yarn porn for you, look on the following lovelies from Andrea and despair!

Remember my mention of the Lemon Drop roving that was being spun? Well, Voila!
Is it not lush? I do believe it will make an amazing pair of socks!

My Dragon actually wanted this one:
Antique Bronze. He wants me to make a pair of gauntlets for him, so we'll see how it goes.

This one is called After the Fire:
And I think it's going to make a gorgeous shawl.

And just for snits and giggles, here's one I'm eyeballing but don't think I'm quite brave enough to get:

It's called Dreamsicle and my goodness, look at how bright it is! I'm starting to renew my love of brighter colors, one skein at a time it seems.

Anyhow, that's all I've got today. Scarf is mostly done. Just a few more pattern repeats and then binding off and blocking. I'll be sure to add some pics when it's all finished:) I need to make another Calorimetry head warmer for myself in a darker color than just the blue variegated that I have. But that is a very quick knit, so it won't take me any time at all to do!

I'm still lusting after a ball winder, but I think that'll be a Christmas present to myself. Beware the girl with coupons;)

Until later,


Andrea said...

Oh ballwinders are the awesome. In fact, if you'd like, until you get yours, I can wind skeins for you before I send them, so you get ready to go cakes, instead of skiens. Up to you though. :)

Bella said...

Just when I thought you couldn't get MORE awesome, you once again blow my mind!!

That would be made of amazing and win! Thank you!!

Andrea said...

Heheh there is no end to my awesomeness. *grins*