Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Dude Continues to Abide.

There's a hole in my yard.

I forgot to mention that the city is doing some sort of road work out in front of the house, and apparently, our lawn became a casualty. I woke up from a dead sleep thinking that someone was about to drive a wrecking ball through the living room, only to discover that they had dug a deep trench in the front yard (INTO THE YARD) into which they were going to put a fire hydrant. The most amusing part about the situation (aside from not even knowing they were planning on doing this) was waking up to look outside and see a man's head floating in my lawn....with a cigarette hanging from his lips. The irony is palpable.

And because I feel the need to inflict more Dude upon you all, the daily Dude-dose:

Dude meets Carrot. Dude apparently loves carrots, like whoa, and will wake from a dead sleep just to partake of one.

Dude is not so impressed with raspberries. Whoever put it in the hammie-wiki is fired.

That's all for now;)



Maven said...

Carrots are to rodents as White Russians and Sassparillas are to humans.