Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend Trollings.

This weekend has been a welcome sun-break from the drizzly, snowy week we've had. It's beautiful out there, sunny and warm, and you can really see the mountain ranges when you wander down the street. Another reason to adore this city;)

So we've discovered 3 new places here in the area where we are now fans. If you're here, you should really check these guys out...and if you're not, just you WAIT till you get here because I'm totally going to drag you there;)

We've found the deli we've been looking for (that isn't downtown Seattle), about 15m up the road in Mill Creek. It's called The Fire Station Gourmet Deli. They make some of the tastiest sandwiches and I was really blown away by their Marguerite Panini (fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and basil, with a hint of garlic ... and the added provolone cheese by yours truly) and Dragon loved his ham/cheddar/bacon on wheat bread.

As we wandered up and down this incredibly Hollywood-back-lot scenic "main street", we also noticed a place called Spotted Cow Cream & Bean. OMG! They have a milkshake called "Mad Cow" which is your choice of gelato (so amazingly creamy with a vast array of tasty flavors!) and 6 shots of fresh espresso, blended together and topped with an uber creamy whipped cream. It was SO GOOD that we went back again today since we were in the area.

And finally, today, we decided to do something we've never had the opportunity to do (because, let's face it, it's hard to find this in San Antonio): we found an authentic french bakery up in the Mill Creek/Everette area. Although everything we tried was so lovely, our favorite, by far, was the lemon tart. Mmm. The coffee eclair, the cream puff, even the chocolate croissant...they were all amazingly tasty. And affordable too! We were very impressed and it WILL be on our regularly scheduled monthly outings. L'Artisan French Bakery...tres yummi!

I have more to say and update you with, but for the moment, I need to devour my most recent creation;) It smells SO good!