Friday, December 12, 2008


I have finished one project, the most important one right now, because it's for my mom's Christmas present:)

It's currently blocked and drying in the bedroom, much to the chagrin of the cats. I don't have a blocking board or proper, er, needles? for it, so I'm making do with what I've got. The blocking does, really, open the pattern work so you can see it better and from what I understand, the drape will improve and this particular yarn should hold it's shape much better:)

I just hope she likes it! Last year, my mom gave me a beautiful handmade quilt that serves as my "hug" while I'm up here and she's down in Texas. This year, I'm returning the favor.

And that's all I'm going to say about that, lol! I'm just so damned proud of myself for finally finishing it! And it's beautiful.

So I suppose that I need to add blocking board and pins, and, possibly, blocking wires, to my list of things to get. It joins the ranks of ball winder and Signature Art needles with stiletto points (alllll of them, in all sizes, AND the DPNs).

Oh. And yarn;) Of which the lovely Andrea will be getting her payment and I should be getting my order of the latest yarn porn soon:)

That's all I have right now. The weather outside is frightful. Windy, rainy, and temperatures plummeting to the point they're forecasting snow showers all weekend. I'm excited because, hello, I adore snow! And we don't really have anywhere to be this weekend, so I might get a chance to sit and watch it...and possibly make a tiny snowman. *insert cheesy, child-like grin here*



Andrea said...

My favorite blocking board ever is made up of those foam tiles you can buy at like Home Depot type places, to be put down on garage floors. Mine are 3 x 3 and fit together like puzzle pieces so I can fit together however many of them I want. I splurged and spent money on "real" blocking wires, but I've heard about lots of folks buying thin but stiff wires at hardware stores, where you can get them cut to the length you want. And the best pins I've found I bought at an office supply store, t pins, that look *exactly* like the official blocking pins that came with my wires. So I think you could get an entire set for pretty inexpensive!

Bella said...

That's an awesome idea, actually.

I was casting around online, looking for something that wasn't too terribly expensive, but I think I might go with these ideas instead!

I think I know what the blocks that you're describing look like. Once the snow clears, I'll be making a trip out to Home Depot to see if I can score any:)