Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Podcasts I enjoy:)

I was sitting here listening to a new podcast and I thought I'd make a list of the ones I'm truly a fan of.

It goes without saying that Brenda Dayne's Cast On is the gold standard when it comes to podcasts about knitting. I was late to the podcast thing but I eagerly devoured her podcasts (even if I wasn't really a knitter at the time) and now I am constantly thrilled when she does an update!

Socks in the City is another fabulous podcast. The shows are short (averaging about 20-30m) and she rambles all over the place about knitting, yarn, and oh yes, socks! She knits a ton of socks. Pattern reviews and opinions abound. She's on Ravelry, has a group there too, and is a very chipper person! The best thing too, might I add, is that she also runs the Cosmic Fibers Yarn shop on Etsy...and frankly, I've bought a few skeins from her and they're awesome! She hand dyes and the colorways are faboo! Do check out both the podcast and her store:)

Yarn Thing: A Podcast about Knitting - She used to podcast weekly but it has since tapered off quite a bit. Marly's a very bubbly podcaster and she also has a yarn fetish:) She can take a little getting used to if you're not a fan of very gregarious bubbly folks, but she's got a lot of good information about knitting and yarn, especially about books! She also crochets, so it's nice to hear about those projects as well:)

Cogknitive - I have to admit. I adore this podcast. Not for the reasons you might think. I have a BA in Psychology and Dr. Gemma is a cognitive psychologist who knits and crochets. I adore her! She's relatively new to the podcasting arena and her casts are short (25m at the most) but what I love is that she not only talks about the projects and such that she's working on, but every show she offers a tip from cognitive psychology to help manage stress and the everyday, as well as a little blather (as she calls it) at the end about her job. I cannot highly recommend this podcast enough!! You can find her blog here:

All of these podcasts are available on itunes and if you're not already listening to them? Track them down! They're perfect to listen to while you knit/crochet!


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