Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to meeee!

My little sno-man asks: Who wants a hug?
The snow has been wreaking havoc on all plans this week, but my birthday is still a relatively good one:)

I haven't gotten the Christmas/Birthday box from mom yet (boo bad weather delaying packages!) BUT!!!

I did get two very awesome birthday deliveries (even though they weren't technically birthday related) from two of my favorite people on earth.

One, was the luscious box of yarn from Andrea at Natural Obsessions on Etsy. I sat for a long time just running my fingers over the fibers, squeeing with happiness. So beautiful! So timely! I didn't think I'd get anything for my birthday but they showed up about an hour ago:) AND she included some very nifty wineglass tags! Super helpful for those holiday parties where you forget which glass belongs to you:) My Dragon had to stop me from unraveling all the beautiful cakes and just rolling about in them.

Secondly, I got my custom ordered stitch markers from Jillian at WeeOnes!!! They are two sets of sushi, one is Maki Sushi rolls and the other are 4 pieces of plain sushi but OMG they are adorable! I am utterly in love with them! Mini sushi! How can you resist them when they are so cute? Behold:
Words cannot express how adorably tiny these things are! I just love them SO much! Seriously, if you want some incredibly awesome stitch markers, please PLEASE go visit her etsy store!

Other than that, I've had a piece of my birthday cake (Dark Peppermint ice cream/red velvet cake combo from Cold Stone Creamery) and have watched my poor husband bust his butt shoveling snow and ice from the driveway.

More snow is on the way and rain too. I've cast on for a new scarf. It's the Little Lace Cat's Paw scarf and I'm making it out of some fabulous fingering weight yarn from Sheepaints called "Kitty Spell". It's quite lovely and delicate!

EDIT: OMG! I just got birthday flowers! From my mom and dad! And they're SO pretty!!
Okay, so maybe my birthday is going to be good after all? *smiles*



Andrea said...

Oh yay!!! I was so hoping they'd get there for your special day. I've been refreshing the tracking all day long. LOL

p.s. you better NOT unravel them and roll about in them. I did wind them up just for you after all! ;)

Bella said...

They did indeed and thank you a ton! It really made my day:)

Never fear! They shall remain wound until I start making them into the lovely projects I've got simmering;)

Have yourself a blessed and Merry Christmas! And here's to a new year full of fabulous fibers!