Monday, April 27, 2009

Meet Dude.

The Dude abides in his twisty slide.

Meet Dude.

He is my black bear hamster.

Yes, I am aware we have 5 cats.

Dude is in my office, away from all felines, on the bookshelf near me so I can enjoy his company while working late. There is no risk of any feline getting in here without strict supervision from me.

Dude has a nice big purple and green cage with a wheel in a tower that he absolutely adores. I know this because he's been running in it for the last 6 hours. made of awesome.

The Dude shows the Monkey what he thinks of her camera.

My Dragon was sweet enough to let me finally have Dude because I've always wanted a hamster. So now, I have one to keep me company on the long nights that I'm up taking calls. I can't wait until he's tamed:)

In other news, we went to the most AMAZING brunch this afternoon. Portage Bay Cafe, for those of you in Seattle, is an organic, fresh, faboo restaurant down off of Roosevelt. I had an amazing Rancher's breakfast with the most delightfully fluffy over-easy eggs, super crispy bacon, tasty chicken/basil sausage, oven roasted potatoes, and THE best challah bread French Toast ever. Dragon had this scrumptious cinnamon french toast with maple syrup and fresh whipped cream.

OMG! So good. So worth the 30m we had to wait for a table. So worth the pricetag. If you live here, and you haven't been? Get yer butts out there and enjoy the organic tastiness that is PBC.

Kratos and Mumbles celebrated their 2nd birthday on the 22nd, although we didn't celebrate it officially until last night. I can't believe that 2 years ago I was helping their momma bring them into this world on my living room floor. My big boys. See how they've grown?
From left, Kratos, Mumbles, Punkin at about 1 month old.

The Birthday Boys...still lovin' each other:)

So they got a nice chicken/fish dinner and some new fuzzy mice to play with! I love my boys!

Aside from that, I'm still forging ahead on my magic scarf, my cabled purse, and my Her Eyes scarf. I swear, if I didn't tell myself to stop, I'd literally have like, 20 projects all going at once. As it is, I need to get started on the Christmas gifts I'm planning. Especially since one of them is all lace.

I was a bad girl, didn't take my vitamins and meds this weekend, but we had so much fun that I didn't even think to take them:) Cordell came over for a while on Saturday (well, over 12 hours) and we had a fun time setting up his character and starting up the game again. Pizza, beanbags, and fun times were had by all!

Later this morning we're taking Bella-car to the mechanic because her oil sensor is finally shot to hell. She's talking more and it's driving me insane. So we're getting her fixed. We'll probably hit the grocery store while she's there. Dragon's going to work a little late so he can hang with me since we have to be there at 8am and he starts work at 9am. He won't be too late, I don't think, and he had an early meeting on Friday. It'll be nice to have him with me at the mechanic:)

I think that'll do for an update for now.