Friday, January 30, 2009

I feel the earth move under my feet...

The view from my window today.
Foggy, with a touch of Silent Hill.

Apparently, this morning at about 5:25am, Seattle was rocked by a 4.6 earthquake.

Want to know where I was? Crashed out, completely asleep.

I found out from my mother about it when she called me to ask if Dragon and I had had some seriously earth-shattering sex this morning. Queue my puzzlement, which led to the explanation. *laughs* I then find out, from her, that I have a history of sleeping through earthquakes (courtesy of my younger years in Alaska).

Well isn't that nice? It's rather charming to know that the house could literally fall down around me and I'd sleep right through it. I sent a text to Dragon to find out if HE knew about it (since he gets up much earlier than I do) but considering he didn't say anything to me this morning as we were getting ready to run him to work, I'd have to say that he was possibly as oblivious as I was. The cats certainly didn't freak out enough to wake us up. So there you go.

To be honest, I'll take an earthquake over a tornado/hurricane ANY DAY. Which is another reason why I wanted to move to Washington.

*Chuckles* How exciting. And I slept right through it.

And to prove how disinterested the cats were, behold:
Blade, in his tree, looking very non-plussed.

Kratos, watching on with disinterest.

Mumbles, in the window, wondering what the fuss is about.

Shadow, window-bird-hunter extraordinaire.

Habu, just wondering when she's going to get some treats.