Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Like a virgin.

I've never tried soymilk before.

In fact, I'm not a milk fan in the slightest. I like dairy foods (cheese, ice cream, yogurt, etc.) but I cannot stand the taste of straight milk. Not even on my cereal. Not even with a TON of chocolate syrup in it. I can handle milk shakes from time to time, but even then, there comes a point where I get annoyed with the milk flavor.

So when my doctor suggested going on a Biocleanse this month (which I haven't done for other, personal reasons, but WILL be doing next month) I was perusing the list of foods we CAN eat, and it mentions soymilk. I'm not even going to go into the list of foods we cannot have because, frankly, it's everything we do eat right now. So it's more than slightly depressing;)

I asked around, various friends, to get suggestions for what is a good soymilk to try and one told me about 8th Continent. I haven't been able to find it here, and we wanted to try something out, so we settled on vanilla Silk.

I'd been sitting here looking at it everytime I open the fridge for the last couple of days, trying, I suppose, to work up the courage to just drink it. Instead, today, I opted to put it on my cereal. Although I have 3 cereal options, I picked plain ol' Life because, I figured, if it tastes bad on Life, there's no hope for it on anything else.

Let me tell you! It actually tastes pretty damned good! I still won't drink it straight, but on cereal? It's definitely a winner. Light, sweet, with none of the milky aftertaste that makes me gag. I really enjoyed it.

So if you're soymilk shy, I'd have to recommend Silk vanilla in the blue carton. Seriously tasty stuff. I wonder if it'll be good to cook with? Anyone know?