Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh me, oh my.

I got my most recent yarn steal from Andrea yesterday.

It's 750yds of Merino, aptly titled "Orange Slices". I've been on a brightish color kick lately. It normally doesn't last too long, but orange is usually quite hit or miss with me, specifically. I just have to say that this is some super yummy stuff that has my name written all over it. *grins*

We went to Wallingford this past Saturday to celebrate me not being in dispatch anymore, in search of the best cupcakes in Seattle. I do believe we found them. Trophy Cupcakes, in the Wallingford Center, has some of the most scrumptious little cakes I've ever laid my tastebuds upon! Especially tasty were their Red Velvet/Cream cheese cupcake, the Lemon cupcake, and the Cafe Au Lait cupcakes. The coffee was good, but I made the dire mistake of getting a pomegranate mocha. Let's just say that the flavor was reminiscent of having spent too much time at the bar and is the taste in your mouth right before you offer a prayer to the porcelain god. Mmhmm.

We set out to wander the center a bit and happened upon a yarn store! Bad Woman Yarn is one of two yarn stores I've had the pleasure of perusing in this city, and it was...amazing! The people working there were so incredibly friendly that I was taken aback. I was able to pick up some yarn for my mom's Christmas gift for later this year, and I snagged two Addi Turbo Lace circular needles for my sock adventures, as well as a few small tiny skeins of Panda Silk and Panda Wool in some nifty colorways, oh, and some sparkly lumina from Berocco! Behold:

And I wouldn't have bought these, but they were discounted 20% off. Ladies? Gentlemen? Is that not a steal? Even if they're totally frou-frou yarns?
The guy who (I'm assuming) owns the shop was really nice and I now have a discount card all set up there, where if I spend more, eventually the card punch will get me $20 off my next purchase. Again, I say, how on earth could you NOT love a yarn store that does that?

We also perused a comic store and had some faboo taco stand tacos and then came home to chill for the rest of the night.

Yesterday, it snowed. And then it melted. And now? It's just rainy. Welcome to Seattle;)



Andrea said...

Wow that Luminaria yarn is gorgeous! And don't you just want to lick the orange?

P.S. I wouldn't recommend actually licking the orange ... its a little fuzzy. :P

Bella said...

I know! It was so pretty and given my penchant for shiny things (I still maintain I must've been a feline in a previous life) I couldn't resist. I don't quite know what to do with it yet, but Dragon was saying they could be used for embellishment to a project OR I could do some double stranded work:)

And the orange is just delish! I was tempted to lick it, but instead, I merely rubbed it all over my face and squeezed it and cuddled it for a bit. I've been searching for the perfect pattern and as yet, haven't come up with one, but ravelry is so big, I'm sure I'll find something!!