Monday, January 19, 2009

Tea anyone? ::Daily Cuppa::

As part of my New Year, New Health initiative, I decided to start drinking more tea. I mean, I collect teas like some people collect rare figurines. I'm entranced by the idea of tea, moreso than the flavor of it. I love the idea of a tea tasting like sweet raspberries, or green tea being bitter but oh-so-good for you.

So today, I fired up the old tea kettle and I'm currently steeping a Tazo Wild Sweet Orange teabag in my little glass cup. The smell is divine. I'm a sucker for oranges. And rather than being a muddy shade o' brown water, this is an inviting deep amber.

The official description from Tazo states that this tea is: "A full-flavored, juicy infusion of lemongrass, citrus herbs, licorice root, and orange essences. Sweet, yet tart, this is a cup of liquid sunshine, radiating multilayered orange flavors with exotic hints of spice and a distinctive floral finish."

And they aren't kidding. Woo boy. This tea doesn't need anything in the way of sweeteners. Not that it's all sugary sweet, but this tea has some serious flavor going on. Juicy? Hell yes. Tart? Quite, but delicately so. It's not like sucking on a lemon, it's more subtle than that. I can taste the bite of the lemongrass, but it's mellowed out quite a bit by the orange.

This is a tasty tea!

And since I want to make this a regular thing, I created a little rating system, with obligatory icons, to denote how I feel about the tea I'm partaking of. SO...without further ado, I give this Tazo Wild Orange tea....*insert drumroll*

5 outta 5 cuppas! *applause*